What a House Wash Means for You

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Before and afte house wash

Pressure washing is a great way to

create a healthier environment

for you and your family. It's a cost effective

way to add curb appeal and value to your property.

But maybe most important, having a clean home simply makes you feel good. 

Hiring the right company is very critical. You may think that power washing is simple, just spray high pressure water and wash away the dirt. WRONG! We never use high pressure when washing houses. It WILL cause damage. This is your home that you work hard for and pay bills to live in. Don't let just anyone with a pressure washer and a business card come around blowing off your siding, gutters or window seals. 

Instead we use very low pressure "Soft Wash" along with professional cleaners to kill the algae and mold growing on your siding down to the root! This is the most effective way to wash a house and to us is the only way. Every house wash is unique. Every client has different pain points and expectations for their home. We listen to you. We learn what you really want and we deliver. We're here to serve YOU! 

 Hi, Im Gus. Founder of Bright Finish Roof & House Washing. We are committed to providing exceptional service specific to you and your home. I know you have been searching for the perfect power washing company to fit YOUR NEEDS. A company that will treat your home, your castle, with the care that you would yourself. Let us provide the luxury service you deserve.

There are hundreds of companies that are all licensed and insured (hopefully) and claim to be the best company. The thing is, only you can decide on who is best fit to wash your home. We are not the cheapest company around ,but we provide the BEST VALUE! In order for us to perform at the highest possible level for you, we do have to charge a tiny bit more then some others. All that said, you may be surprised at how affordable we really are with the value we provide.

Our technicians are all highly trained and able to handle any job big or small. Everyone speaks English and is paid a living wage. We have fun competitions and ways for our team to earn bonuses to reward them for their hard work and satisfactory results. Our team pays attention to the tiny details that make a HUGE difference. These are some of the things that we believe set us apart.  

So you can RELAX! Close your eyes and imagine sitting in your favorite comfy spot. Your feet are up while sipping hot tea or glass of wine. You close your eyes and listen to the sweet sound of water and soap softly showering your home. A sound as soft and peaceful as a calm rain bouncing off your windows  washing away all the dirt, mold, mildew and algae from your home. That eye sore that's been infesting your homes exterior and  driving you crazy every time you pull into the driveway.

You can breath a sigh of relief that all of your searching has paid off. We are here to serve YOU. Now the only question is what date do you want us to come out? Get your FREE ONLINE QUOTE  today.



Gus Papanicolas

Before and after of a house wash/ power washin
House Washig Technicians serving Delaware

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